About Lambda Vision Inc.

We are providing the spectrum technology (mainly on the spectrum measurement device) for about 15 years.
In addition, We are good at an image processing technology and the wide optical application technology.
We develop in-house an optics design , sensor circuit and the software including device driver for Windows.
Because of these, we can provide what you want for low price.

We invented the automatic reflectance measurement device of the lens
We invented the original technical "lens surface top automatic detection". Herewith, we can measure reflectance of the aspect top of the spherical surface lens more speedy and certain.

We develop an expensive Raman spectrum device technology for low price
We produce an expensive Raman spectrum device technology for low price The Raman spectrum device technology is used in a wide use. As an example, it is materials development and a biofield etc...
Please contuct us ,if you are interested in Raman spectrum.

Information on new products

New!  Glass/Film spectrum measure unit. inexpensive 「LV-RTM」
Low-cost high-performance glass/Film transmittance/reflectance measure unit.

・Anyone can use easily measurement.
・It is not affected by the sample thickness and inclination.
・OD measurement also possible.

New!  Microscopic reflectance spectrometer system 「LVmicro-RUR」
We will achieve high performance never before !

・Auto focus function standard.
・250nm-1650nm available with VIS and NIR spectrometer.
・Find reliable vertex of spherical lens by unique technology.
・Transmittance measurement is also possible.

Our products


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